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Q: What is this service?
A: leadQC.com is a lead verification system which helps tag bogus leads before they get sold.

Q: Verification? Validation? Qualification? What is the difference, I don't understand?
A: We really don't know the difference either. After looking around for two hours trying to find some kind of "industry standard" definition, I gave up. Our system tries to identify bogus leads. It is what it is.

Q: Are you just going to take my leads and resell them?
A: No, that is not our business and we would not have any customers if we did that. Does your dry cleaner take your clothes and sell them to somebody else? No. Neither do we.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $.20/lead.

Q: Are there discounts? What about $.15/lead? But "Company X" only charges $.18/lead.....
A: No. $.20/lead. Good for them. The pricing is already on an incredibly small margin.

Q: Can I have some free leads to test? What about 10,000 free ones?
A: If I have heard of your company before and I know somebody who says you are honest, then we may allow you to try some test leads. We make a few pennies per lead because we are paying outside services for their data.

Q: Can you just invoice me for the leads I process?
A: If you are a boberdoo.com customer and you have always paid your bill on time, yes. If not, no. There are too many people in the lead business who do not pay their bills.

Q: Can this be integrated into our current lead system?
A: Probably. Along with the web based processing we have integrated leadQC into several boberdoo.com lead systems. We have a web service that can be called to do the verification.

Q: When will the phone verification system be ready?
A: It is tested but we are still pondering the legalities of somebody abusing the system and us getting hit with DNC lawsuits.

Q: Can we buy leads from you?
A: No, we don't sell leads but we can refer you to some of our clients who do.

Q: Does this system work for all kinds of leads?
A: As long as you have contact information and preferably the IP address where the lead filled out the form, then yes, it will work.

Q: Why do you need the IP address?
A: We do geo-location mapping which determines the likely location of the IP address and compares that with the address of the lead. If the IP address says Los Angeles and the address is in Maine, something funny is probably going on so we give that lead a lower score. Yes, somebody could be on vacation or out of town on business which is why the system does not depend 100% on just one determining factor.